Os indicadores básicos de saúde como instrumentos de controle da gestão pública

Sandra Lúcia Furquim de Campos


The central objective of this research is to demonstrate the relevance of the basic health indicators as instruments of control of public health management, because connecting elements of policy implementation, able to reflect the health status of the population served, given their nature epidemiological. The proposal is to apply the “Habermasian” thought the responsible act for the evaluation of the results of public management in local reality, regarding the reduction of risks and health hazards. The results of public management in a given space of time, can be described by means of social indicators, built with this purpose, which have been the subject of frequent studies leading to the development of control tools able to reflect, monitor and / or control the consequences of decision making, both for analysis / evaluation and / or verification of results in the world of life, as to the correct paths when the route plans and goals, as well as the search for means of accountability.


Keywords: health status indicators; public policy; health law; public administration; control measures.

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