(AUSTRALIA) Ehh what’s up DOC? Down the rabbit hole of dissolved organic matter in aquatic ecosystems.

Aleicia Holland


Palestrante: Prof. Dr. Aleicia Holland.

Instituição: Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution. La Trobe University. Albury/Wodonga Campus. Austrália.

Resumo da palestra: Aleicia's research investigates the role dissolved organic matter (DOM) plays in aquatic ecosystems. She incorporates a mixture of analytical and optical methods to characterise DOM in freshwaters and to explore its influence on aquatic communities and toxicity of contaminants such as metals. Aleicia also has a passion for Amazonian rivers and the aquatic communities they support. Her research spans the fields of aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology. Her work has been funded by the ARC, international metal associations, government, industry and catchment authorities. Aleicia's work goes towards improving management of freshwater ecosystems and current water quality guidelines for contaminants such as metals.

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