Aristotle's and the Classification of Living Beings: Historical Review and Contributions to Science Teaching

Clécio Danilo Dias-da-Silva


Considering the relevance of the understanding of the various proposals for biological classification for Systematics and Taxonomy, areas of fundamental importance within Biology, it is necessary not only to grasp the fundamentals, definitions and applicability of these, but to understand the numerous reforms, modifications and the advances they have undergone over time, and how they have influenced the proposals for the organization of biodiversity that are used in the contemporary world. This paper discusses and presents the various contributions of Aristotle (the "father of biological classification") to the study and classification of living beings, covering aspects of his life, influences that sharpened the interest of the naturalist to study and classify organisms alive. Also discussed in this article is the relevance of the history of Science in Teaching Science and Biology and the current approach to the theme "Classification of Living Beings" in the school context.

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