Evaluation of Antiulcerogenic and Ecotoxicological Activities of 70% Hydroalcoholic Extract Obtained from Pfaffia glomerata (Spreng) Pedersen (Amaranthaceae) leaves.

Giovanna Christina Costa da Silva Mazzeo, Fernando Sanzi Cortez, Fabio Hermmes Posceddu, Aldo Ramos Santos, Luciana Lopes Guimarães, Fabiano Pereira Amaral, Marcos Paulo de Oliveira Silva, Walber Toma


Pfaffia glomerata ( Spreng ) Pedersen ( Amaranthaceae ) , popularly known as " Brazilian Ginseng ", it is a small tree , found throughout Brazil . After review can be detected pharmacological studies demonstrate antiulcer activity from the ginseng root. However, there is no scientific reports about this activity from the leaves of that plant. After obtaining the EtOH 70 from the leaves of P. glomerata and approval by the Ethics Committee on Animal Research from Santa Cecília University under protocol number 002/2012 , testing was conducted on the model of gastric ulcer induced by HCl - ethanol in mice . EtOH 70 shows antiulcer activity at a dose of 500 mg.Kg -1 (** p <0.01) when administered orally. After exposure of the aquatic organism EtOH 70 Daphinia similis were obtained EC50 values of 180.0 mg L-1, being characterized as directive 93/67/ECC EU as non-toxic substance . Such data serve as a support for the development of new assays that in the near future, EtOH 70 can be used as an alternative and complementary therapy for the treatment of gastric ulcers , and even lower risk of harm to the environment.

Keywords: Pfaffia glomerata ; Ginseng ; Antiulcerogenic Activity; Ecotoxicological

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