Analysis of midlittoral ecological zonation on a rocky shore in Barra do Una Beach, Peruíbe - SP

Brunna da Silva Vianna, Fabio Giordano, Paloma Sant'Anna Dominguez, Walter Barrella, Milena Ramires


Rocky shores are quite heterogeneous environments which present typical patterns of distribution of the organisms that are affected by many biotics and abiotics factors. This study, realized at Barra do Una Sustainable Development Reserve – Peruíbe SP, analyzed the rocky shore community stratification and its covering percentage in the midlittoral zone, using nondestructive methods. The photographic record was performed on the 20x20 parcels on seven vertical transects and it was measured the limits of occupation of the organisms’ distribution zones. The observed benthic community of the midlittoral zone consisted of at least 14 taxonomic groups. Brachidontes darwinianus, Phragmatopoma lapidosa e Chthamalus bisinuatu were the organisms with the highest covering percentage among the analyzed areas.

Keywords: rocky shore; zonation; benthic community; nondestructive method.

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