Floristic survey of a fragment of Restinga in the municipality of Rio Diana Santos adjacent to the state of São Paulo

Janaina Nóbrega Moraes, Mara Angelina Galvão Magenta


This survey was conducted in a fragment of Restinga Forest in the municipality ofSantos; All subjects contained in the plot were recorded, composing the flora of thearea. Families are in agreement with the proposition APG III. I was found 57 speciesagrouped in 25 families. The family most representative was Myrtaceae, with 16species. Then came Fabaceae, with six species. The most important genera wasMaytenus, the Celastraceae family (four species), followed by Gomidesia, Myrtaceae(three species). It was also found one endangered species (Tabebuia cassinoides). Thesampled area is one of the last remaining Restinga Forest in the municipality of Santos;Once this environment is increasingly fragmented and reduced in the region , it is urgentthat further studies involving this Restinga Forestt information.

Keywords: floristic, restinga, similarity, Santos.

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