Evaluation of the use fauna underpasses SP-55 highway by mammals of the restinga, located in the south coast of São Paulo, Brazil

Rogério Martins, Maurici Lara Dias, Mohamed Ezz El-Din Mostafa Habib


Fauna underpasses are structures that have roads that allow the movement of animals without the danger of being run over. The efficiency of fauna underpasses depend on the characteristics of roads, location and dimensions of these structures. In order to evaluate the efficiency of the fauna underpasses installed in the SP-55 highway, were made to verify traces two installments of sand at their ends. During 49 days the species that used the fauna underpasses were checked. Traces of lizard found in a small mammal besides human remains and domestic dog. Interviews with residents raised more than 40 wild species present in fragments side of the road. The low efficiency of the fauna underpasses is due to stressors like noise, lack of structure deforestation still targeting for mammals and other animal groups.

Keyword: fauna underpasses, mammals, restinga, connectivity of habitats, road ecology.

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