Field Trip to rocky shore for Teaching Bioecology of Decapod Crustaceans.

Yula Silva Ruiz, Walter Barrella



The rocky shore can be very complex and usually the higher the complexity, the greater the diversity of organisms in a given environment. Organisms found in the environment, such as crustaceans, have great ecological influence. The lecture is the basis for didactic teaching, however the output field has a uniqueness to show that shared information with the students are intended to arouse interest in marine life and include values ​​and attitudes to nature conservation in relation to the environment played. The objective is to use the teaching of bio-ecology of crustaceans in the rocky shore. With activities results are expected to acquire a working knowledge, besides raising awareness in students about the interdependencies between the environment and man.

Key words: Crustaceans, rocky shore, Bioecology

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