Analysis of environment and environmental education perceptions among students of middle and high school.

Camila Ramos Lopes Nunes, Giovanna Mazzeo, Wesley Mazur, Walter Barrella, Fabio Giordano


Nowadays, one of the themes that are most shown on the media is the environmental issue, the consequences of man exploitation over the nature. Environmental education approaches those issues and ways of solving environmental problems that have been intensified as consequence of society’s way of life. Environmental education has slopes that aim to teach people how to preserve the environment and slopes that aim to educate a conscious citizen about the causes of environment degradation. The world suffers from a serious environmental crisis because of population’s consumption e abusive waist. This crisis have existed for a long time and started to get studied on the 60’s. Since then, it is expected that environmental education make people conscious about the problems to seek solutions. However, if environmental education had a critic character of analyzing economic, social and political processes so the crisis could be understood, nowadays we hear about a more shallow environmental education, only studying ways to solve the issues without changing economic, social and political processes. The following methodology aims to analyze environmental education and environment perceptions of students of middle and high school and to be a instrument for future teachers can improve their practice.

Keywords: Environmental education; Ecology; Environment; Environmental issue; Preservation

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