Guidelines for a practical approach to the discipline of urban Landscape in public green areas Students of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

Patricia Veloso D`Andrea, Walter Barrella


These are guidelines for a practical lesson of discipline landscaping, aiming, analytical study of public green areas in the coastal city of Santos, SP. The diagnosis will be to study the distribution of these areas, understanding the urban fabric and to develop a proposal that will point to possible guidelines landscape interventions. As a methodology, an analysis of the situation, in Siqueira Campos Avenue stretch between Bento de Abreu Street and Bartolomeu de Gusmao Avenue will be held. The data to be obtained in field research are: the ratio of the number of green area per square meter , the height of the existing vegetation , the area of ​​canopy cover , total measured via their respective interferences , landscape studies , visual barrier , seal       (winds), sunshine , movement and equipment . These data will provide subsidies for intervention project landscape architecture urban public green areas.

Keywords: Classroom Practice, Urban Landscaping, architecture and urbanism, public green areas, Santos City.

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