Guidelines for field trip: Civil construction waste disposal

Paulo Eduardo Andrade, Orlando Carlos Damin


In order to make the process more motivating and meaningful learning, the application of the technical visit complements teaching and learning by giving the graduate student the opportunity to experience the concepts learned in the classroom. This didactic and pedagogic resource introduces the student in the research field and sharpens their investigative instinct. The students also benefit from this tool because its teachings and values ​​makes it easier to absorb the knowledge given. This paper outlined a roadmap for a technical visit to a construction project aimed at observing, understanding and analysis of the construction activities, in particular regarding the management of solid waste discarded during the production phases of a building. These materials are sources of pollution and environmental degradation therefore promote strong impact on the physical, biotic and human environment where they are discarded. In the script establishes procedures, objectives, activities and forms of assessment, which will facilitate the use of this important teaching tool.

Keywords: Education; Field class; Environment; Solid Waste.

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