Análise Ecológica - Amostra de Resíduos Sólidos nas Areias das Praias de Santos/SP

Rafael Alves Pedrosa, Aurélio Moschin, Fabio Giordano


This article was based on the need to establish a parameter showing the evolution of the current scenario where there is a growing and visible increase of waste discarded improperly on the sandy beach Santos/SP and their environmental impacts on the quality of life of the community, with a view that this study intends to give us reference the amount of solid waste in the beach, by the second side to monitor the impact of waste on the sands of the beaches. The waste deposited on beaches may have been left by bathers, transported by rivers that cross urban areas and channels or brought by marine currents. Together, the trade winds (northeast) and the circulation pattern surface of the South Atlantic Ocean favors the transport of floating waste thrown into the sea by vessels for the Brazilian beaches. This study was aimed to carry out the analysis of sample waste discarded or housed in the bands from the sandy beach of Saints, by conducting a survey of waste cited by characteristics and classification, thus establishing a current scenario of beach conditions studied and creating a parameter for that future studies might contemplate a panorama of temporal evolution of the quantity and characteristics of the waste in it found. On the occasion of the results obtained, we can realize the incidence of organic waste as being responsible for more than 80% of the results inherent in the characteristics of the items found. However, in addition to the purpose of the analysis, it has been as conclusive aspect the need of more studies such as the one proposed in this article to create precise parameters regarding the adoption of measures which are capable of acting on causes, minimizing the negative effect on the environment, in the medium and long term.

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