Frequency of occurrence of the fishing gears used in the community of Praia Grande in Paraty, RJ

Fernanda Pereira Mesquita, Vinicius Figueiredo Nora Bittencourt, Alpina Begossi, Mariana Clauzet


Artisanal fishing is an activity of great social and economic importance in the country. In that regard, one goal of artisanal fishery management should be the maintenance of fish stocks, which requires a thorough knowledge about it, which includes: knowledge of exploited species, fishing areas and technologies employed. This study aimed to identify the fishing gears used at Praia Grande, a fishing community in the city of Paraty. We estimated the frequency of occurrence of these in fish landings, conducted from November 2009 to November 2011. The most common fishing gear were gillnet (44.5%) and trailing (36%), which is in agreement with the results obtained in previous studies for the region. An analysis combining the frequency in landings and the target species of these gears obtained through literature review was addressed in order to start a discussion about management proposals.


Artisanal fisheries, fishing gear, fisheries management

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