Analyses of crab Ocypode quadrata burrows in the Guaruzinho beach - Ecological Station Jureia_Itatins - core Arpoador – Peruíbe - SP - Brazil - A three-Dimensional vision

Sérgio Moraes, Mariana Clauzet, Milena Ramires Souza, Walter Barrella


This paper deals with the study of the formation of crab burrows beaches the Ocypode quadrata (Crustacea: Decapoda) on Guarauzinho Beach, within the area of the Ecological Station of Juréia - Itatins (EEJI). The work consisted of molding burrows at different levels of the beach, from the water line to the supralittoral, removal and study of molds in 3D, and comparison of diameter values and depth of the physical structure of the burrows and its relationship by a study conducted in city ​​of Cananea. Some data were compatible, but confronted de two other models.


Lairs, ghost crab, Ocypode quadrata, Ecological Station Jureia–Itatins.

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