Arthropod survey in an area of Atlantic forest in the municipality of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

Clécio Danilo Dias da Silva


The objective of this study was to perform a survey of arthropod fauna present in an area of Atlantic forest in Natal - RN. For this, monthly collections with pitfall traps were carried out from March to September 2016. The collected materials were collected, identified and deposited in the entomology laboratory of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. Were collected a total of 679 specimens   present in 14 0rdens. The most abundant groups were Coleoptera (45%), Hymenoptera (34%), Aranae (4%), Blattodea (4%), Collembola (4%), Orthoptera, Mantodea (2%), Phasmida (1%), Diptera (1%) and Scolopendromorpha (1%), respectively. The actual diversity of arthropods may have been underestimated by the number of collects and by the scarce diversification of traps. However, such information becomes important for the conservation, monitoring and sustainable use of local natural resources.

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